Saturday, September 03, 2005

Getting ready to hit the road.

Ugh. Still no time to post what has happened in Vancouver, the trip to Minneapolis, or my stay so far in Minneapolis. Too little time. I'm using the last 20mins the Mpls Public Library is open to post this and to do trip research. Right now I'll just say that things have been going "awesome".

Today's a somewhat rainy day in Minneapolis. It started with a thundershower, but rather than be the typical "over and done" late summer midwestern type of thing, it's decided to linger. The streets are deserted, partially due to it being Labor Day Weekend and partially due to weather. But I'm a Portlandite, I'm used to rain, so it isn't stopping me!

The rain means it's a good time to type this type of stuff. I've been searching the internet for bike shops along my route so that I can avoid as many surprises as possible. The shops are still going to be miles apart, but at least I'll know where to go when a problem arises.

Tomorrow I leave for the bike trip. I was debating whether I should spend another day here, but a few things are pushing me to go. First, I'm getting itchy and want to get on the road. Second, Minneapolis has been cool, but it hasn't been cool in the sense that I want to be here forever (and I'm a bit weary of "cool districts" in cities, so I'm not searching them out) and I want to be out in the country instead. And most importantly, John, who I am staying with, is having his young daughter come visit tomorrow night. While I could spend another day on his couch, I'd rather give him the space to spend time with his daughter. He's been gracious enough to let me crash here for three days (and I'm a total stranger!) so I'll vamoose.

The rest of today I'll probably go run errands and pick up supplies for the impending bike trip. I'll probably have to go to a couple of "evil" stores in the process, but oh well. And I'll also try to do some last minute checking out the city types of things. I wish it wasn't raining so I could go cruise the lakes, but I'll do it next time. I like Minneapolis, it's a nice city. Just wish it wasn't so frigid here in the winter.

Hopefully the roads out of town won't be too bad. I'm betting leaving on a Sunday of a holiday weekend will mean traffic will be light. Once I get beyond the suburban zone it should be some nice riding. The thing I'll worry about is when I have to camp. Since I'll be doing the biker/hiker campsite, I shouldn't have a problem getting a spot.

I'll try to post while I'm on the road but won't guarantee it.


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At Saturday, September 10, 2005 12:00:00 PM, Blogger adventure! said...

Hi Anonymous. Thank you for posting utter garbage here. I'm in such an emotionally fragile state that any contact right now gets my hopes up. Now I see it's just some inhuman spam-bot trolling the internet to post pyramid schemes and the like. I can just cry. And learn proper punctuation and grammar while you're at it.


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