Sunday, September 11, 2005

Relaxin' in Madison

I made it to Madison! Seven days of biking from Minneapolis and I'm here. I still have to figure out distances (since I didn't have a cyclometer) but it looks like it was near 300 miles culmulative.

I hit the city limits of Madison at about 3:30pm yesterday, not long after my library stop. It was nice to be in a urban area again. I casually rolled my way to downtown. State Street was hoppin', since school was back in session and there was a game eariler in the day. It was a shock to be around so many people, and so many kinds of people again. I met Kiran, a friend from PDX who is from here, at a coffeeshop. He brought me to his folk's house and we ate dinner. I was too beat by that time for much else, so I went over to his aunt Mary Lou's place to clean up and crash for the night. And crash I did! I think I slept from 9 until 9. The trip wears you down. And makes you hungry as well. My metabolism is still going, which means I am constantly hungry.

Today has been a lazy day so far. Haven't seen Madison except for the initial bit, so I'll be doing some exploring later on and in the next couple days. The weather today and tomorrow is still going to be in the 90's, so I'll wait until it breaks before I go. Plus, it's really nice not to have to go anywhere right now. I have a couple things I need to get done soon, so Madison will be the town to get them done in. Right now it looks like I'll leave either Tues or Wed, do the two day route to Milwaukee, and then take the train to Chicago. I was intending to stay in Milwaukee for a couple days, but nothing is panning out there so I'll probably just skip it for now.

If I get a chance I will update this with the remainder of the bike trip and my stay in Vancouver.


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