Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm Back!

It's been a blurry few days, as I readjust to the world of Portland. I got back Saturday night, and now I start the process of rebuilding my life in town. I need to find a new job and eventually a permanent place to stay, all things I don't relish. But after two months of being away, I relish the stability.

Overall, I thought my trip was good. There were definitely bad times as recounted on this blog, and I always stress out about my money situation, but there's always enough good. If there wasn't, I wouldn't be going on crazy two-month trips all the time, would I?

And as said earlier, I don't know how much I will update this thing. But I will be writing more, don't worry. There will be a zine eventually, don't you worry! I will let you know on this blog when it's available.

But this means...the Urban Adventure League is back! Check out that blog now!


Thanks for reading,


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